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Ingredients are the key

Perfect ingredients means natural ingredients. And that is all you will find in our oatmeals, muesli, granolas and snacks prepared for You and Your family.

For love of health

Health is our priority. Choosing OneDayMore products, you provide your body with what it needs. There is no place for preservatives, artificial flavors, palm oil, nor glucose-fructose syrup.

Natural origin
Natural origin
Clean label
Clean label
Eat vegan
Eat vegan

BIO Muesli

Composed of the highest-quality ingredients: grains, seeds, dried and freeze-dried fruit and other
additives that come from certified organic farms and orchards. Delicious, perfectly balanced in nutritive
terms, and, most of all, ORGANIC!

Organic Chocolate Muesli 400g
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Organic Fruit Muesli 400g
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Cereal Balls

Delicious cereal balls: made with ingredients from natural sources derived from vegetables, fruit
and aromatic spices. An excellent choice, wherever you are and whatever you do. Crunchy to go!

Tomatoes and Oregano Cereal Balls set OneDayMore
Tomatoes and Oregano Cereal Balls set 100g
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Bitter Chocolate and Raspberries Cereal Balls set OneDayMore
Bitter Chocolate and Raspberries Cereal Balls set 100g
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Milk Chocolate and Nuts Cereal Balls set OneDayMore
Milk Chocolate and Nuts Cereal Balls set 100g
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Bell Peppers & Peanuts Cereal Balls set OneDayMore
Bell Peppers & Peanuts Cereal Balls set 100g
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Black Currants & Coconuts Cereal Balls set OneDayMore
Black Currants & Coconuts Cereal Balls set 100g
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Flavored Muesli

Delicious combination of flavors - perfect for spoiling your palate and providing the fibre your body
needs. The muesli have top-quality ingredients combined into verified compositions of different flavors:
from fruit to white chocolate.

ColorLOVE Muesli OneDayMore
ColorLOVE Muesli 450g
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Chocolate Muesli OneDayMore
Chocolate Muesli 400g
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Fruit and White Chocolate Muesli OneDayMore
Fruit and White Chocolate Muesli 400g
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Fruit Muesli OneDayMore
Fruit Muesli 400g
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For Kids

Choco-Squad, Gang of Cinnaminnies, and Fruits 4 Kids will not only satisfy every little gourmet’s appetite but also boost his or her willingness to learn and play!
And our Crunch the Dragon will personally make sure that there are only best ingredients: whole grains, honey, delicious fruit pieces, and chocolate.

The Cinammon Gang Granola OneDayMore
Granola: The Cinnamon Gang 400g
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Fruity Kids Muesli OneDayMore
Fruity Kids Muesli 450g
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Granola ChocoSquad OneDayMore
Choco-Squad Granola 400g
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Functional Muesli

Individual body needs vary, which is why Functional Muesli was created. It is tailored to various
types of activities, various lifestyles, and various ages.

Protein Muesli OneDayMore
Protein Muesli 450g
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For Focused Minds OneDayMore
For Focused Minds - New Formula 450g
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Fiber Muesli - New Formula OneDayMore
Fibre Muesli - New Formula 500g
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Immunity Muesli OneDayMore
Immunity Booster Muesli - New Formula 400g
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Silhuette Muesli OneDayMore
Silhouette Muesli - New Formula 450 g
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Made from natural ingredients, it does not contain glucose-fructose syrup nor palm oil.
But it has chicory root fibre, that is soluble nutritious fiber. Four flavors for different tastes:
fruit, nuts, chocolate, and raspberry chocolate.

Chocolate Granola with Raspberries OneDayMore
Chocolate and Raspberries Granola 400g
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Nut Granola OneDayMore
Nut Granola 400g
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Fruit Granola OneDayMore
Fruit Granola 400g
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Protein Granola OneDayMore
Protein Granola 450g
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Triple Chocolate Granola OneDayMore
Triple Chocolate Granola 400g
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Occasional Granola and Muesli

Holiday, birthday or another important date? Whatever the occasion, it’s an excellent opportunity to reach for delicious occasional products. Cheerful Muesli invokes summer
memories, while Hart-to-hart mix is perfect for sharing with someone special. Occasional granolas are compositions of such flavors as cinnamon apple or spiced chocolate,
perfect for a frosty winter morning.

Heart-to-Heart Muesli OneDayMore
Muesli Heart-to-Heart 400g
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Cheerful Muesli OneDayMore
Cheerful Muesli 400g
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Winter Granola OneDayMore
Winter Granola 400g
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Christmas Granola OneDayMore
Christmas Granola 400g
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Classic, nutritious, and delicious breakfast? It has to be porridge! Especially one made of natural ingredients: porridge oats
and additives. Satisfactory variety for both chocolate fans and fruit flavor lovers.

Porridge Vanilla-Flavour & Poppy Seed 450g
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Sugar-Free Banana Oatmeal OneDayMore
Sugar-Free Banana Porridge 450g
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Caramel Porridge OneDayMore
Caramel Porridge 450g
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Sugar-Free Apple and Cinnamon Oatmeal OneDayMore
Sugar-Free Apple and Cinnamon Porridge 450g
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Double Chocolate Oatmeal OneDayMore
Double Chocolate Porridge 450g
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Rich in ingredients and well-balanced, Muesli PREMIUM will delight you with the harmony of taste and depth of aroma.
We love giving you surprises. This is why you can now taste the delicious combinations. For us at OneDayMore, quality ingredients matter most. This is why we carefully select unique ingredients to give you even more
breakfast-time pleasure!

Premium Muesli with Almonds and Caramel Chocolate 500g
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Premium Muesli with Belgian Chocolate 500g
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OneDayMore means people with passion!

We are passionate about well-being. It all started with the passion.

Each of us had a feeling we needed a better diet, healthier meals, and more active living. First, we were committed to make the changes in our lives. Then we wanted to share our ideas with others and support them in their dietary commitments. And we made it when we established OneDayMore in 2016.

Our passion has been the driver of our success: today OneDayMore products are enjoyed by people in many countries and we keep growing but we still ourselves create from scratch our muesli, oatmeals and granolas.

We know every ingredient, its origin and producer, and we test each new product on ourselves, our families and friends.

It’s because OneDayMore is not a company. It is our life. And we love life!

OneDayMore products in Europe

We continue to improve and broaden our offer, and OneDayMore products are very popular in many countries.